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Clients often ask what they should wear for their family session. Coordinating outfits can be a daunting task, but here are some wardrobe tips to help alleviate the outfit stress.


You want to coordinate outfit colors rather than have everyone in the exact same matching attire. It is generally easiest to start with neutral colors and add a couple pops of color to the neutral pallete. Good neutral colors to start with are oatmeal/cream, gray, denim or beige. If wearing denim bottoms, try to keep a consistent shade of denim. Pops of color can be any myriad of colors, but be consistent with color palettes... warm colors (cranberry, mustard, navy, hunter green, etc.), pastel colors (light blues, blush pink, sage, etc.), bright colors (coral, turquoise, bright pink or blue, etc.). 


I recommend avoiding white or black attire and clothing with logos or graphics.

Patterns are great in moderation, so limit clothing patterns. One or two people can have coordinating patterns, but the rest should wear solids to avoid portraits with multiple busy or competing patterns.


Keep any jewelry simple and avoid necklaces and earrings that will tangle in hair or need to be constantly straightened.


Shoes are often the forgotten element of picture attire, but they can definitely impact your look. I recommend avoiding athletic shoes, but if you wear them, attempt to wear clean and solid colored ones.

Wear something you feel confident and comfortable in. Clothing should be properly fitted without being too tight or too loose. Moms, be mindful of wearing sleeveless shirts or dresses unless you are confident with your arms. I try to be mindful with posing, but when moving quickly with kiddos, there is not always time to pose everyone. Puffy or ruched tops can add bulk to your mid-section. If wearing a loose-fitting top, try to pair it with a fitted bottom to give your shape balance. I recommend trying on your outfit to make sure you are confident standing or sitting. 

Your session location can also impact your wardrobe selections. If your session is in nature, you have more color choice freedom. If your session is in an colorful urban setting, you will need to coordinate your attire against the color backdrops being used. 


Think about how you would like to use these images. If wanting to display in your home, make sure the colors will go well with your home aesthetic.


If you have any questions about what to wear for you session, please reach out to me!



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